i feel like this went well even though i was unprepared bc of a mini freakout i had beforehand
first entertaining guests in the united states
here’s to at least a couple more thanksgivings before this country gives me enough anxiety to make me want to leave

u don’t even fucking link me no more
u just dash mi weh like a cyattie
yo u cheeeeese me, dog

—Toronto Girl, 2014





I can’t explain to you how bad I want this.


No you don’t! Snow is the worst! It’s nice from the inside, but once you get outside it’s immediately fucking horrible.

Omg stop; slow snowfall is amazing this gif is gonna make me cry lol

And now I can’t even go to bed on my side of the bed because it’s so sweaty! Christ! Where are the good men in my life?!

Hm. So that will probably go in the books as one of the worst hookups with one of the most boring people in the universe. This is why I can’t invite Grindr strangers without meeting up prior.


Claire Stansfield photographed by Bettina Rheims for Details magazine, May 1994. Dress by Vivienne Westwood.

oh my lord
this is exactly what i want my rubber gimp suit to look like
gotta call up vivienne

Anonymous said: You don't know how those butts identify.

honey i feel u but for whatever reason i still think this was a v deliberate curation of butts on racial lines


AfterParty, November 2012
k this is so white tumblr bc this entire collage has NO black people in it