hatersandcurators said: I don't have Facebook!! I literally just have tumblr!

talk to you never

i think my grindr profile has a v cute and charming description

so it sucks that i just ignore the guys that write sweet comments about my witty profile and glowing personality bc i’m not feeling them

and then some  cro-magnon bull in sportswear hits me up with “yo” and i’m putting my jockstrap on and running to his apartment lol

im fuct up lol :(

Top me instead



ugh, Dan Bodan tho

i would top if Dan Bodan asked…

fuck me in your post-apocalyptic permaculture commune, alternate timeline kevin federline

Anonymous said: how many of your mutuals would you fuck?

pretty much all of the ones that are depraved and have a closet full of cute gear that i can play dress-up (masc drag) in


*how to dress well remix of citgo*


i cum and fucking cum just looking at this man’s cunt in Levi’s.